``Flowers Are My Passion.``

    - Michelle Tran

    The Making of A Luxury Floral Designer

    Imagine entering a hotel suite where a fairy-tale secret garden unfolds before you, boasting 25,000 gloriosa blooms and 1,000 Pink Floyd roses. This exquisite floral arrangement was a dream come true at a private event at the Ritz-Carlton Toronto – and exclusively designed by With A Flower.

    floral design element

    Providing floral services for your luxury party planner and corporate and private events, With A Flower creates high-end floral designs that bring luxury event planning to life with style and exclusivity.

    Floral Designs Handled With Care

    With A Flower was developed by Ivan Ing and Michelle Tran.

    Michelle, a luxury floral designer, is the company leader and graduate of the Canadian Institute for Floral Design (Toronto, Ontario) and the internationally recognized McQueen’s School for Floral Design (London, England).

    Michelle has an exceptional ability to understand how each flower grows, opens and transitions within every arrangement; this allows her to unlock novel ways to create high-end flower arrangements.

    An Exclusive Floral Designer Unlike Any Other in Toronto

    Michelle’s floral talent is so attentive and unique, she’s like the “Flower Whisperer” in the floral world. She has previously worked alongside flower arrangement teams for Bloomberg, as well as The Connaught and Claridge’s, two five-star hotels in the UK.

    Floral Designs That Bring Your Event To Life

    Infuse beauty and elegance in your Toronto and international event planning with Michelle, who embraces the art of floral designs to bring luxury and allure to your requests.